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Five Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Car Insurance

Five Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Car Insurance

When it comes to the expenses of driving, one of the most significant costs is car insurance. Australia laws require that drivers have basic insurance, but if you want to protect your vehicle, the costs can increase even further. However, there are a number of ways to cut the cost of your car insurance, Perth drivers should consider.

Choose an Appropriate Car:

While many younger drivers may want the latest super powered hot hatch, the reality is that insurance companies will consider this to be a high risk. This means that when it comes to the premium for car insurance, Perth young drivers will face a hefty cost. In order to reduce the cost of car insurance, it is a better idea to choose a lower risk option. There are plenty of vehicle models which have a lower insurance group and will attract a lower premium for even high risk drivers.

Use Your Garage:

While many of us may have access to a garage, it is often used for storing kids toys, bikes and miscellaneous garden equipment. However, when it comes to reducing the cost of car insurance, Australia based drivers may find that it is beneficial to clear some clutter and use their garage to store their car. A secure parking spot for your vehicle overnight and when you are away from home will be looked upon favourably by your insurer and should be reflected in the cost. However, don’t be tempted to lie to your insurer and tell them the vehicle is parked in a garage when it is not. This is fraudulent and could cause you issues should you need to make a claim.

Let Your Insurer Know About Anti Theft Devices:

Many vehicles now benefit from factory fitted anti theft devices such as immobilisers or alarms. However, it is important to confirm with your insurer that these devices are present on your vehicle. If your vehicle does not have a factory fitted device, consider purchasing a device that are readily available from auto shops. This will not only reduce your insurance but decrease the risk of experiencing all the frustration associated with having your vehicle stolen.

Think No Claims:

Although if you have a scrape in a car park, your first instinct may be to make a claim, this can be a costly mistake. Accumulating a history of no claims may not seem that beneficial when you only have one or two years, but if you can build your no claims to maximum, you will notice a real difference in the cost of your car insurance. Australia based insurance companies will often allow you to transfer your no claims, so you are not generally tied to sticking with a particular company. If you do have a small dent or scratch, it is a good idea to simply pay for the repairs out of your own pocket for long term savings.

Watch Your Speed:

Driving convictions are another way the cost of your insurance can shoot up, so watch for speeding and other violations. You will need to declare any convictions to your insurer, so try to keep your licence clean.

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