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A Brief Insight into the New Subaru BRZ for Sale

A Brief Insight into the New Subaru BRZ for Sale

If you are looking for a sporty drive, you will be lucky to get great performance at a reasonable price. Fortunately, the latest Subaru BRZ for sale is available for under $50,000 and can deliver an amazing drive.

The latest Subaru BRZ STi variant is the S Premium and this is priced at $46,645 drive away. It features a four 2.0 litre petrol engine delivering 147 kW of power and 205 Nm of torque. This is teamed with a six speed manual transmission to deliver a respectable 7.8 litres per 100 kilometres fuel economy.

While this variant of Subaru BRZ for sale, is more costly than the standard model you will find it is a BRZ with all the kit. The S model has a wide selection of styling and performance upgrades which ensures complete driver experience. The premium variant also has extras such as heated seats ensuring that it is the sharpest and most stylish vehicle you can buy for less than $50k. The S pack adds $7995 to the price tag, but this includes side skirts, alloy wheels, quick shift manual gearbox, strut brace, sport springs, rear diffuser and front spoiler.

The Subaru BRZ is a twin of the Toyota 86, which makes it a hit with a wide range of drivers from people looking for a stylish yet cheap coupe through to the hardcore driving enthusiast. It is available in a great selection of colours including white, silver, dark blue, black, grey, red and the famous Subaru WR blue seen on the WRX. This ensures that there is a colour combo to suit any preference.

The BRZ and the Subaru BRZ STi are the perfect driving car. The vehicle offers beautiful balance on the road, providing the agility to cope with the demands of urban driving in style. However, despite its panache the model has not compromised on safety and has a five star maximum ANCAP rating.

Fortunately, Subaru has not just considered performance and aesthetics, delivering a comfortable cabin. The alcantara seats feel supportive and well gripped. This ensures that all passengers will feel safe and comfortable regardless of whether you take that tight corner a little too fast. Although lacking many of the novelty gadgets and toys of sedan and SUV models, the BRZ has the delightful noise of the flat four to keep you entertained rather than your iPhone!

There are also some practical considerations in the BRZ design. The model has a fifty litre fuel tank and efficient engine to ensure that your motoring experience is not compromised by needing to stop at the petrol station every few kilometres. There is also a peace of mind factory warranty available on each item to allow personalisation of your BRZ. This removes the need for spending a small fortune on after sales mods.

If you would like to know more about the new Subaru BRZ for sale, contact us. Our sales team would be more than happy to answer any queries and questions you may have. We can also assist in arranging your test drive, so you can check out the performance of the BRZ for yourself.

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