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Subaru BRZ: When the Heart Desires, and the Head Agrees

Subaru BRZ: When the Heart Desires, and the Head Agrees

When you buy a sports coupe – and really, who doesn’t want to buy a sports coupe – you have to do your research, try out different models, make spreadsheets, compare notes… And then you’ve got to go with instinct and get what you love, because you have to love your sports coupe. When your head and your heart say the same thing, it makes life easier. But sports coupe has to capture your heart, which is why the moment you test drive the Subaru BRZ, you will be completely, utterly, won over by it.


Yes, you can be a practical soul, too, so no matter what your heart says, your head will want the specs. Well, the Subaru BRZ 2015 won’t disappoint. It has a 2.0-litre horizontally-opposed Boxer 4-cylinder petrol engine. Maximum power clocks in at 147 kW at 7000 rpm, and maximum torque is 205 Nm at 6600 rpm, which makes it fairly powerful without going out of control. You can choose from automatic or manual six-speed transmission, making the Subaru BRZ a sleek and capable machine. For all that, it remains relatively safe, sturdy and smooth even if you push it to over 70 miles an hour. Yes, a Subaru BRZ STI would give us a new and even better definition of spec-perfect, we do agree, but that is off the table for now. If you’re really keen on it, try making your feelings known on social media. Get Subaru BRZ STI trending and see if the magic works!

Looks Delicious:

A sports coupe isn’t just about what’s under the hood; it’s also about how it looks, and boy, the Subaru BRZ 2015 looks pretty perfect. The 17-inch alloy wheels give the right touch close to ground and the sleek, compact little body packs a punch right to the gut when you give it a long look. But what about when you’re inside it? Well, it doesn’t pull its punches there, either. The bucket seats with red stitching and the steering wheel which continues the red accents look classy but powerful and subtly sexy. It’s still also got a practical side: it’s got more room than you’d expect in a sports coupe. From the outside, it looks deceptively but deliciously impractical, which is exactly the impression a sports coupe must convey. You will definitely turn heads when you zip by in it. But for all that, it’s got 5-star ANCAP occupant safety rating, so it zips without zapping you.

Subaru BRZ price:

The Subaru BRZ priced at a reasonable starting point of $37,150 drive-away in Perth, lightens your wallet less than you might have imagined. Sensible isn’t a word associated with toys like this, and neither should it be. But this little beauty is sensible, without making it obvious – like the price and the safety features. It hides all that common sense away for when you need it and shows all the flash and style that you want, making it a rare and beautiful creature in the world of sports coupes. It will capture your heart, and it will satisfy your head that it’s a justified indulgence.

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