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Why is the New Subaru BRZ Rear Wheel Drive?

Why is the New Subaru BRZ Rear Wheel Drive?

Read any article about Subaru models and you are likely to see that Subaru considers Symmetrical All Wheel Drive to be an important performance tool. However, if you are thinking to buy Subaru BRZ models, you may be surprised to note that they are only available with rear wheel drive. Although the new Subaru BRZ price is appealing, does this lack of AWD compromise the vehicle and make it an uncertain purchase?

What is Symmetrical All Wheel Drive?

Symmetrical All Wheel Drive is more than just driving using all four wheels. Most Subaru models feature sales literature which details the combination of Subaru AWD and a low height Boxer engine. This is because when the transmission, engine and the drive line are all positioned symmetrically along the centre line of the vehicle, it creates a well balanced distribution of weight for the heaviest components of the vehicle. When the transmission and power unit are set low in the vehicle, it creates a low centre of gravity, which can create superior stability and vehicle handling.

So Why is the Subaru BRZ Rear Wheel Drive?

The main reason why the BRZ has rear wheel drive is that all of the important attributes offered by AWD are already available in abundance on the model. Subaru argued that to obtain greater weight distribution and create an even lower centre of gravity, the engineers were prepared to sacrifice installing an All Wheel Drive system. Of course, this has also contributed to the attractive new Subaru BRZ price. However, performance has not been compromised by this omission. When the Subaru only drives the rear wheels and dispenses with the drive shafts and differential for the front axle, it has allowed the transmission and engine to be set even closer to the centre of the vehicle. This has resulted in a fantastic front/rear weight distribution of 53:47. This creates the effect of minimising the weight transfer left to right and front to rear when you are cornering, accelerating and braking, helping to keep all of the wheels firmly seated on the surface of the road for sharper steering response, increased handling stability and better grip. This means that BRZ drivers can experience a higher sense of driving confidence and the fun driving experience, you would expect from a Subaru.

Subaru believe that the BRZ delivers pure handling delight, creating an exciting and enjoyable driver experience. Despite not having all wheel drive, the BRZ enjoys maximised handling stability, grip and steering response with the best possible weight balance. So, before you dismiss the model out of hand for not featuring the famous Subaru Symmetrical All Wheel Drive system, why not test the model and experience the fantastic drive performance for yourself.
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