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Subaru Car Finance – What Should You Expect ?

Subaru Car Finance – What Should You Expect ?

For many people, it would be very difficult if not impossible to purchase an expensive item such as a car outright. Most people would require some form of financing in order to buy their next car. There are many options to consider before making a choice, and it can be quite confusing. One option when seeking car finance Perth drivers should consider is using their Subaru dealer. There are many advantages to choosing this route, here are a few of them.

Do You Qualify?

Firstly there are a few things that are required need prior to being considered for car finance. Perth drivers should be: 18 years or older, be looking to borrow $7,500 or more, either employed or a self-funded retiree, not presently bankrupt and they should have either a permanent Australian resident or a have a work visa. If they meet these basic requirements, it is possible to get a fast approval within three hours. Once the application has been approved the Subaru finance specialist can complete all the paperwork for the applicant quite quickly.

What Kind of Rates Are Available?

When considering car finance rates Perth drivers should understand a few key points. Firstly the loan that will be offered is a secured loan. This means that your loan will be secured on the vehicle that is being purchased. This has several advantages over getting a personal loan from another financial institution. Secured loans give the lender more security and as such they can offer lower interest rates that are very competitive. This is arranged because in the event of a default, the car can be reclaimed by the dealer and sold to cover the remaining debt. There is also a great deal of flexibility in Subaru financing, and the loan may be pleasantly surprised as the rate will be tailored to the customer’s individual circumstances.

Repayment Flexibility

When the loan is arranged for the customer, the repayments will be set at a fixed price for the entire length of the loan. This is very helpful when organising a budget as the payment will not change from month to month. In certain cases approved customers may be able to reduce their repayments during their loan term by using a balloon feature. The customer has a great deal of input during this process, and they will be able to establish a repayment schedule that suits their needs. In many cases, a deposit may not even be necessary if the customer has been approved for a 100% loan.

If they would like further information or details about Subaru car finance, Perth drivers should contact us. We can offer competitive rates for both private and business customers. If they qualify, we can offer our customers 100% financing that may if required include any road costs, insurance, registration and the price of the car. If you would like more information, we will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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