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The Subaru WRX Demonstrates its Toughness

The Subaru WRX Demonstrates its Toughness

Many people that visit their local Subaru dealers to look at the latest models or have their car serviced may not realise just how safe Subaru cars are. There are many stories online about how Subaru vehicles have protected their occupants in terrible crashes. All Subaru cars have a 5 star ANCAP safety rating, but they are much tougher than they need to be. This was proved recently in a strange story about a WRX that starts in Japan and ends in Australia.


All Subaru test vehicles are crash tested at a facility known as Crashlab, which is located in Japan. This testing facility is a 2,500 square meter site in Tsukuba, which is north of Tokyo. It was built by the Swedish company Autoliv in 1998, and it is one of the most respected safety test centers in the world. Autoliv is a world leader in both designing and testing automotive safety systems. Crashlab has high-tech sled tracks for collision testing, as well as test rooms for electronics, airbags and seatbelts. The facility has some of the leading experts in car safety from around the world on staff.

The Subaru WRX

Go into a Subaru dealers and you will find a WRX for sale, they are a very popular vehicle. A WRX was sent to Crashlab to test how crashworthy the car would be in a side impact test. This involved loading the vehicle onto the slide and simulating a side impact. The results were surprising, the structural shell of the WRX was incredibly effective at directing the force of the impact away from the passenger compartment. The shell remained largely intact, and it should have been sent for recycling after the crash. However, Andrew Minns, the Business Development Manager of Subaru Australia’s Preferred Collision Repairer Network, had other ideas.

The Teaching Experience

The WRX was saved from the recycler and shipped to Australia to demonstrate the amazing durability of Subaru cars. The vehicles are made from high strength steel that makes them both strong and excellent at redirecting kinetic energy. Inside every Subaru vehicle is a cell-like structure of ring-shaped reinforcements that can be easily identified in a cross section by their colour. This can now be clearly seen as the WRX was carefully dismantled upon its arrival in Australia for training purposes. Cross sections of the shell are now studied by new apprentices to demonstrate why Subaru cars are so tough. Because of this Subaru car dealers in Perth Australia can have every confidence that they are selling one of the safest cars made in the world.

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