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Subaru Demo Cars: Great Deals if you Run the Numbers

Subaru Demo Cars: Great Deals if you Run the Numbers

So this time, when you need to get a car, you’ve decided to play it smart and get the very best deal. You’ve decided to head down to a few demo car sales, pick one up and save a wad of cash. That might be a good idea; Subaru demo cars can often be in excellent condition and can be a real bargain. It also helps that there are often great offers on demo cars in Perth and other cities. Subaru cars are known for standing up very well to use, so you’ll do well to stick with them. But still, you should keep these things in mind before you take the leap:

  • First, of course, it’s been driven quite a bit. Probably by a lot of people. Check the odometer and see how many miles it’s got. You may find that it’s clocked up to 5000 km, or even 10,000 km. That’s often considered acceptable if you get a good price, but when it starts going up to 15,000 km, it’s pretty much like getting a used car, isn’t it?
  • Find out who drove it, and how. Ask them for a vehicle history. You’ll find out if it was used for a specific purpose, like high-risk driving school students or stunt workers. Those should technically be called ‘programme cars’, but it’s been known to happen.
  • Make sure you get an extended warranty if it’s already started running. Ask for the ‘in-service’ date, which is when the warranty period starts. For demo cars, that might be earlier than the day you buy the car. If the warranty is linked to the number on the odometer, even more reason to make sure that you get the right warranty. So be careful.
  • If you’re going to a few demo car sales, you can do cost comparisons fairly easily. But don’t forget to do a cost comparison with the new car, as well, to see if the deal you’re getting really is a good one. Find out what a new car of the same make, model and offers goes for. Then check how many kilometres are on it. Many experts consider AUS$1 for every 6 km on the odometer the bare minimum price reduction.
  • Check the demo car well. Are there any dings or scrapes or scratches? Don’t dismiss it immediately; you can always ask them to fix it up like it’s new and then ask for a better price on it. But don’t forget to ask for a detailed run-down of how much body work it’s had done. If it’s been under the knife a lot, you do need to know before you buy!
  • Check the inside, too. Even if it looks all pretty, make sure it and all its components are running fine before you reach for your chequebook. This includes the engine and everything from lights to air-conditioner to the battery to the tires to the wheel alignment. Check everything.
  • Registration: It’s a new car, not a used one, so it won’t have been registered.

If you go to a dealer you can trust, you can get wonderful offers on demo cars in Perth. As long as you take the time to run the numbers and do the checks, they’re a great idea. If you decide to opt for a Subaru demo car, you’ll likely get a great new car at a great rate that’ll keep everybody happy.

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