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New Subaru Forester has the EyeSight Safety System

New Subaru Forester has the EyeSight Safety System

New Subaru Forester has the EyeSight Safety System

At the recent launch of the 2016 Subaru Forester, Outback and Liberty models, Nick Senior, the Australian Director for Subaru, had a lot to say about EyeSight. The EyeSight Safety System is now available in all its 3rd generation glory, and Nick Senior has made the claim that “It’s probably” going to be “one of the successful technologies” the company has introduced. The Subaru Forester for sale today has access to the most advanced driving assistance system ever designed. Here are some of the key features and some of the reasons why it is so central to Subaru’s future as they go forward from here.

The Growing Popularity of EyeSight

Subaru has stated that EyeSight equipped vehicles accounted for approximately 40% of their total sales in 2015. They expect this number to increase as they go forward, and the feedback from their customers has been very positive. Many Subaru dealerships have reported, that a larger proportion of business fleet managers, are now choosing EyeSight equipped models over cheaper models, as they make more sense from a health and safety perspective. Some insurers also provide significant discounts for cars with extra safety features. As the technology evolves further, it is likely that the number of users will rise over the next few years.

What Safety Features Does the EyeSight System Have?

The 3rd generation EyeSight system now has the following technologies: adaptive cruise control, pre-collision steering assist, pre-collision braking assist, pre-collision braking, lead vehicle alert, lane departure warning and brake light detection. There is also a further Advanced Vision Package available that adds extra features, such as lane change assist, blind spot monitoring, an auto dimming rear mirror, rear cross traffic alerts and high beam assist. Some of these features are brand new, and some have matured nicely, as an example: the 3rd generation EyeSight system can now detect brake lights ahead of the car and provide steering assistance in order to prevent a frontal collision.

Autonomous Driving is Getting Closer

Many people believe that the ultimate goal of the EyeSight system is to bring about a car that can drive autonomously. It is certainly true that EyeSight and other systems would be an ideal platform for that kind of technology. As a company, Subaru has always taken safety very seriously, and all of their vehicles have a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. It then seems only natural that Subaru would be at the forefront of any technology that can make driving even safer. However, although the technology is almost there, other problems remain to be solved. There may need to be a change in some of the infrastructure that we use on our roads; legal  issues will need to be addressed, and car insurance would need to be looked at carefully.

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