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The New 2016 Subaru Impreza Revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show

The New 2016 Subaru Impreza Revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show has just finished, and Subaru had a number of fantastic reveals and announcements. For many people perhaps the most exciting reveal was the new Impreza. Subaru had already released some sketches of the vehicle that they designated at the Viziz Future Concept earlier in the month. Although the concept was interesting, it seemed unlikely to get made, who makes their concept cars into actual real vehicles anyway? Apparently Subaru does as they revealed a real working car that they confirmed is the new Impreza. This vehicle is bristling with a ton of new features so let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Initial Impressions

Looking at the exterior of the new Subaru Impreza for the first time, it is hard not to get too excited. In profile, the vehicle is tapered and features prominent carved character lines. This is not just for show as the Impreza is designed for optimum aerodynamic performance. At the front is the now familiar grille that is flanked by a sharp take into the new style hooked LED headlights. The car is wider and lower compared to the existing model sitting on 19” alloy wheels. The actual dimensions are 4400 long x 1800 wide x 1440 tall which makes it 14mm shorter, 60mm wider and 25mm lower than the current Impreza. It looks squat and sporty, but Subaru may soften the look somewhat when the car goes into full production that would be a shame.

The Engine

Subaru has stated that the engine will be a slightly under-powered conventional model married to an electrical power plant. The new Impreza will be a hybrid vehicle that will use a brand new advanced all wheel drive system. This system is known as “Symmetrical All Wheel Drive” and it will drive the rear axle using a single electrical motor. There will be no propeller shaft which means that the internal cabin space will have a flat floor.

EyeSight Evolution

Many Subaru drivers around the world have come to love the EyeSight system. The new Impreza will feature the latest generation that will have all the features we have come to rely on such as: monitoring the road for hazards, providing lane departure warnings and assisting in braking during a collision. However, this latest EyeSight system has another trick up its sleeve; it will drive the car if required. By using computer mapping and GPS technology, Subaru can now pinpoint the Impreza so accurately that it is possible for the computer to take control of the driving. In certain circumstances such as designated car parks and the home location, the Impreza will even be capable of parking itself.

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