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4 Reasons Why the 3.6R Subaru Liberty Models Are the Perfect Golf Weekender Vehicle

4 Reasons Why the 3.6R Subaru Liberty Models Are the Perfect Golf Weekender Vehicle

If you are considering the Subaru Liberty 2015 models but wonder if you could still enjoy a great golf weekend, you need look no further than the 3.6R variants. While there a number of Subaru Liberty models, here are four reasons why you should consider the 3.6R.

It is More Stylish Than a Wagon:

In years gone by, there was a wagon variant in the Subaru Liberty models line up, which would have typically been chosen by golf enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the Liberty wagon is no more, but this does not mean you need to look to another model or brand. While the 3.6R is a four door sedan, the 490 litres of space and five spacious seats ensure that there is plenty of room for five passengers and all of your golf clubs and gear, without needing to choose a less stylish model such as a wagon. The sleek Liberty design looks perfectly at home parked in front of even the most exclusive club house, so you can hold your head up high as you drive onto any course.

It Has Plenty of Features:

Chances are that your golf weekend is going to involve driving some distance, so you need to be sure that you and your passengers have all the creature comforts needed to enjoy the journey. Fortunately, the 2015 Subaru Liberty models are packed with features including the Subaru EyeSight safety technology, which features adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance.

It Offers Total Passenger Comfort:

Both front and rear passengers will find that the seats feel comfortable. All passengers have plenty of leg and headroom. There is nice thick padding on all the armrests, so passengers can relax and enjoy the drive. The Liberty is also a nice and comfortable car to drive. The Japanese auto manufacturer has done a nice job recently in improving the NVH (noise, vibration and hardness) on the Subaru Liberty 2015 models, which means that even if you pick up some speed on the highway, you can still enjoy a conversation without having to raise your voice to be heard by the rear passengers.

It Offers Great Performance:

The 3.6R variants feature the Subaru All Wheel Drive system which means that despite the rather hefty 1,605 kilograms body weight, the vehicle handles with ease on even tighter corners. The CVT variants feature an improved transmission which has further improved fuel economy. Despite the impressive 3.6 litre engine, you can expect fuel economy of 9.9 litres per 100 kilometres, although if you are fairly laden with gear and five passengers you could expect this to increase to approximately 10.5 litres per 100 kilometres. While the Liberty is not intended as a people mover, this model can easily deliver great results for a special golf weekender.
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