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New Subaru Liberty – Best All Wheel Drive

New Subaru Liberty – Best All Wheel Drive

New Subaru Liberty – Best All Wheel Drive

If you have been contemplating a Subaru Liberty for sale, you may have wondered whether you actually need all wheel drive. Unlike the new Subaru Liberty, many vehicles in the segment are rear wheel drive and unless you enjoy off-roading, you may think that you have no need of all-wheel drive, but there are some distinct advantages to this design feature.

The Basics of All Wheel Drive:

The general concept of all wheel drive vehicles is that all of the wheels are driven all of the time. In basic terms, this means that regardless of the road conditions or surface, or how the vehicle is being used, all four wheels can generate forward momentum. This differs from a rear wheel drive, where the engine power is transferred to only the rear wheels.

This difference means that all-wheel drive vehicles have double the grip of rear wheel drive vehicles. It can transmit twice the driving force of an RWD vehicle with same tyre configuration and weight. This additional grip provides a significant safety advantage. The reason behind this is that the degree of driver control and stability is far better than even the best rear wheel drive vehicle when the vehicle is in forward motion.

Reduce Loss of Traction:

Even if you are not particularly interested in driving on unconventional road surfaces, all wheel drive can give the reassurance of additional safety. For example, in slippery road conditions, during take off at road junctions, you will need to move into a gap in oncoming traffic. However, this scenario means that the level of grip between the road surface and the tyre is particularly low. Depending on the friction coefficient between the road surface and tyre, each tyre can offer the maximum level of grip. This means that if the level of engine power applied to the wheels exceeds the available grip, you will lose traction and experience wheel spin. However, on an all wheel drive vehicle since the total driving force of the engine is distributed across all four wheels, each tyre only needs to transmit a quarter of the force, reducing the risk of wheel spin. This results in a more reliable and stable acceleration in any scenario, making it safer especially when you are trying to move into oncoming traffic.

Improved Cornering:

Another advantage offered by all wheel drive vehicles is the improved cornering ability. On an all wheel drive vehicle, the tyres are transmitting half the level of drive force compared to rear wheel drive models, since the power is directed to four wheels instead of just two. When you are cornering, the tyre is not only required to transmit driving force but also cornering forces. Since a rear wheel drive vehicle has a drive axle transmitting twice the driving force, this means that there is less grip available to be applied to cornering forces.

This effectively means that with a rear wheel drive vehicle, when the engine power increases and needs to use more of the available grip, it can leave insufficient grip to allow for cornering forces. This will mean that tyres lose traction causing the vehicle to slip sideways into oversteer. Oversteering creates a smaller radius of turning than intended.

Since the wheels on an all-wheel drive vehicle have half the driving force transmitted, there is a greater amount of available grip for cornering forces. This means that all-wheel drive vehicles have a far smaller chance of losing sideways grip, allowing you to more safely negotiate cornering even under sudden or unexpected conditions such as slippery road surfaces.

If you would like to know more benefits offered by a Subaru Liberty for sale, speak to us. Our sales team would be happy to arrange you a test drive, so you can experience the new Subaru Liberty for yourself.