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Subaru Liberty Sedan Sales Boosted by EyeSight Technology

Subaru Liberty Sedan Sales Boosted by EyeSight Technology

Read any Subaru Liberty review and you will notice EyeSight listed in the equipment roster. However, you may not be aware of the extent of this technology and how it is contributing to a boost in sales of models such as the Subaru Liberty Sedan and Outback.

What is EyeSight?

The Subaru EyeSight system was first launched on the Australian market with the 2012 Subaru Liberty Sedan and Outback. The system uses a pair of cameras which are positioned to face the road and a specialist onboard computer. This equipment is used to determine the possibility of a collision and intervene to assist the driver. The EyeSight technology is now in its third generation and is available as standard throughout the 2015 Subaru Liberty Sedan range and Petrol Outback models. It is also available on higher spec Forester models.

The Contribution of EyeSight to Sales:

According to the official Subaru Australia figures, models that are equipped with the EyeSight system account for 9965 out of the total 21,659 sales during the first half of 2015. This figure was assisted by a massive increase in the sales of Outback and Liberty models, with the more affordable and all new duo confidently outstripping the demand seen for their predecessors. In the year to date figures, Subaru has tallied 2415 Liberty units sold. This is astonishing when you compare this figure to the 687 units sold over the same period of 2014. The Outback had similarly amazing figures, with 6310 sold so far in 2015 compared to 1533 in 2014. These sales figures reflect the general market preference for SUV vehicles. According to Nick Senior, managing director of Subaru Australia, “there is a broad acceptance” within the Subaru community of buyers for the “fantastic technology EyeSight represents” in helping to reduce the severity or avoid accidents and collisions.

Expanding the Inclusion of EyeSight:

As yet, Subaru has not confirmed whether EyeSight will be available across the entire vehicle range. One glaringly obvious omission from the Subaru range equipped with this system is the Impreza. The US market version of the Impreza saw an upgrade in late 2014 that included the inclusion of the EyeSight system. However, when the update was revealed for the Australian market earlier this year, local buyers were still missing out. Other Subaru models including the BRZ and WRX together with manual transmission and diesel variants also remain without EyeSight. Subaru has said that the company is “at the mercy of development and production schedules” which is limiting the availability of the EyeSight feature. The percentage of vehicles with EyeSight availability has increased in recent years, but it is looking like the feature will trickle into other variants and models over time.

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