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New Subaru Outback Proving a Hit With Buyers

New Subaru Outback Proving a Hit With Buyers

As we have passed the halfway point of the 2015, many manufacturers are assessing the sales performance of their models. However, Subaru should be feeling very happy with the figures coming in for the new Subaru Outback. With the introduction of a new Subaru Outback diesel for sale earlier this year, the sales figures have gone from strength to strength.

Are the Sales Figures a Good Indicator?

In the Australian new vehicle market, the atmosphere is extremely competitive. This means that there can be a significant discrepancy between the sales on a particular model over a set time period compared to the next period. The release of new models with the outgoing model featuring sharp runout deals, stock clearances, promotional campaigns and other motivators can have a dramatic effect on the sales figures. In simple terms SUVs, cars and commercial vehicles are price elastic and the sales figures do reflect this. However, for buyers, the sales figures can be a good indicator of quality, competitive pricing and even manufacturer deals which might make the model an attractive prospect.

How Has the New Subaru Outback Performed?

When you consider the vehicle models which have grown in raw numerical terms rather than a percentage, the new Subaru Outback is leading the pack. When you discount the brand new models to the market such as the Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-9 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, the Subaru is top of the pile. The Subaru Outback had accumulated YTD sales of 5465 at the halfway point of the year. This is up 312.5 percent or 4140 units on last year’s figures. At this time last year, Subaru had only shifted 1325 Outback models, which means that this year, the Japanese brand has managed to sell four times more. This figure is only slightly behind the Subaru Forester, which at 5678 units sold YTD is currently the brand’s best seller.

Why the Boost in Sales?

Subaru have implemented a number of price cuts across their vehicle range, but the all new version, which was launched last December has benefitted particularly from discounted pricing. Add to this the impressive new Subaru Liberty Diesel for sale, and you can see why the model is appealing across the board. While the SUV market is highly competitive and many manufacturers have launched SUV crossover models, the Outback is a smaller SUV model compared to the Forester. This means that it is considered highly appealing to those looking for an urban vehicle rather than just a big off roader. This competitive segment has been showcased in the sales figures rankings. While the new Honda Jazz has seen impressive sales growth to 5139 units, up 162.3 percent and 3180 units, the third highest growth was seen with the Nissan X-Trail. The X-Trail has seen growth of 43.9 percent, taking sales to 9272 units. While Nissan are likely to be happy with the figures, they must be looking at the increased popularity of the Outback and be wondering if they need to tweak their marketing approach to compete.
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