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New Subaru Outback Remains on Top in Australia

New Subaru Outback Remains on Top in Australia

New Subaru Outback Remains on Top in Australia

The new Subaru Outback has been enjoying fantastic success recently. Throughout 2015, and carrying over into this year, the level of sales have been so good, that Subaru was actually caught off guard. However, there have been rivals trying to usurp the success of the Outback. One of the newest contenders was the Skoda Octavia Scout, which made its debut in March of 2015. Many industry insiders believed that this vehicle would present a real challenge to the Outbacks dominance. So, how did it fair?

The Skoda Octavia 135TDI

This vehicle was a direct response to the failure of the 4×4 Outdoor, which made next to no impression on Australian car buyers. The 4×4 Outback wasn’t a bad effort; it had more internal and luggage space than its rivals. However, after the arrival of the 5th generation Outback in 2015, it was far too expensive for the segment at $17,200 more than the Outback 2.0D base model. Skoda went back to the drawing board and came up with the latest version of the Octavia 135TDI, also known as the Scout. This is a 2.0L AWD available in both petrol and diesel variants. Technically the vehicle is from a smaller car segment, but it has increased in size so that it is now only slightly smaller than the previous generation Outback. This model has tested well in reviews, but it has yet to make any significant gains in the segment due to the success of the Outback.

The Subaru Outback 2.0D Premium

This is the closest model in the range to compare against the Scout, and it is now larger than ever before. The Outback has almost made the move to being an SUV while maintaining its wagon roots. This may be part of the reason for the success of this vehicle as the car landscape in Australia has shifted in favour of the SUV segment in recent years. The new Subaru Outback is $2,100 more expensive than the Scout at $43,490 for the Premium model. However, for the money you get so much more with the Outback. Both vehicles are loaded with equipment, the Scout has a quality feel, but the Outback simply delivers more, with standard features such as EyeSight, a sunroof, rear privacy glass, extra cabin space, more luggage space and a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. The Subaru Outback is also a taller vehicle with greater ground clearance, which makes it a much better vehicle for off-road travelling and it also makes loading and unloading easier. Although the Scout puts up a decent showing in many areas, it is still no rival for the Outback as the sales figures show.

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