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Car Servicing Tips for Staying Safe When Driving

Car Servicing Tips for Staying Safe When Driving

Car Servicing Tips for Staying Safe When Driving

Being an occupant in a vehicle during an accident can be a terrifying experience. The feeling of not being in control of the circumstances and waiting for it to stop seems to last for hours. Although it is impossible to be in control of every aspect of what happens, there are things that can be done before an accident occurs to reduce your risk. This could be as simple as getting a regular car service. Mandurah drivers could also pay more attention to their driving habits. Here are three top tips that can give a clear advantage to the driver to reduce the risk an accident occurring.

1. Pay Attention

Many people drive without paying attention to what is going on around them and when an emergency occurs they are surprised. Having a handle on what is happening around you is key when considering optimum reaction times. If another driver is driving erratically or aggressively, give them plenty of room. It may be that the weather conditions have deteriorated and it will be necessary to reduce your speed. Have you left enough space between your vehicle and the car in front? Driving defensively is vital in avoiding many incidents that could catch the unwary driver by surprise.

2. Take Care of Your Car

Many accidents can be avoided by getting car servicing done regularly. A car that has been looked after correctly will have all of its safety systems operating properly. The car will also handle as expected if the tyres, brakes and steering system are working as they should. This will mean that there are no nasty surprises if severe braking or collision avoidance is required. Having tyres that are correctly inflated and aligned to provide maximum grip is the single most important factor. There are many systems to help a driver in an emergency, such as ABS brakes, All Wheel Drive and Electronic Stability Systems. However, these technologies work through the tyres and if they are not up to the job the usefulness is reduced significantly.

3. Allow Room for Braking

Although many people understand the need for having enough room to brake effectively, there are some misconceptions. Modern vehicles have much better braking systems than in the past, but they still cannot defy the laws of physics. Regardless of how good your brakes are, they have to deal with kinetic energy that increases exponentially as the speed increases. The higher the speed is, the more force is required to slow the vehicle down. When lateral movement from cornering is added or if the surface is wet and slippery, it may not be possible to apply enough stopping force. The specific braking distances for your vehicle will be listed in your owner’s manual, but it is always best to err on the side of caution.

If they would like to know more about getting a professional car service, Mandurah drivers should contact us. When they get a Subaru Mandurah service Perth residents will notice that our technicians are highly trained and that only genuine quality parts are used. Book your car in for a service today or call us for more information and we would be pleased to address any concerns that you may have.