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Five Reasons to Get your Subaru Serviced the Right Way

Five Reasons to Get your Subaru Serviced the Right Way

Buying a car is a major investment. You might even call it a commitment for life, because it sure does cost more than two months’ pay that an engagement ring is supposed to cost. So you really need to put some real thought into how you’re going to take care of your baby once you do have her. But she doesn’t have to be high maintenance if you give her the right maintenance at the right time. Getting your Subaru serviced at the right place at the right time can save you many headaches and keep that precious relationship between you and your true Subaru love running smoothly.

  1. It’s important to use authorized Subaru service centres. It makes life much easier for you because Subaru technicians have been trained intensively to take care of your true love. They never stop learning because technology keeps advancing, and they’re always on top of the newest developments, like the direct-injected Boxer turbo engine of the Forester XT, or the Subaru Intelligent Drive. They know their stuff.
  2. You can trust that real Subaru parts are used when you hand your car over to authorised Subaru dealerships. There will be no funny business.
  3. When you think long-term, using authorised Subaru service centres will be lighter on your wallet than saving a few quick bucks by going to a dodgy dealer. You won’t figure out how dodgy they might have been until an authorised expert pops the hood and tells you why it started going ‘kerchunk-clump’ instead of ‘purrrrr’.
  4. It’s very convenient since there are authorised centres all over Australia. For instance, if you want to get your car serviced in Mandurah, Subaru Mandurah has an award-winning service centre that will take care of you. Subaru owners in Mandurah can talk to Service Advisors when they make the booking so that they figure out a way to work around your schedule, with the least possible inconvenience. Alternative drop-offs, pick-up and delivery – you won’t be inconvenienced when you get your Subaru car serviced in Mandurah. Or any other authorised centre, for that matter.
  5. There are plans to suit all pockets, regardless of the depth of yours. The three-year service plan, for instance, locks the costs for the first six or four standard scheduled services, depending on which particular plan you choose. Even better, Subaru capped price servicing lets you know what the maximum price you might pay for a standard scheduled maintenance is – for the rest of your car’s life. This applies for all Subaru models from 2006 onwards, so if you already own a Subaru, look this up immediately!

But this doesn’t mean that every time you need routine maintenance, you need to get it to a service centre. There are plenty of short videos made by people who really know what they’re doing to help you do the little stuff yourself. Of course, if your car needs major work, you’ll need to make that call; and it’s always important to use authentic Subaru parts even if you choose to go DIY on it.

Never, ever take on more than you can handle. If you wouldn’t take out your own appendix, you shouldn’t try to fix that funny clunky-thump sound yourself, either. But when Subaru go out of their way to make it easy for you and are determined to do right by your car, you will want to make the right choice. True love’s kiss won’t sort it out if you screw up. After all, commitments are always work, but it’s worth it when she purrs like a kitten on the road!

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