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The Added Bonus of Your Subaru Car Service

The Added Bonus of Your Subaru Car Service

There are many great benefits associated with an official Subaru car service. The Subaru technicians have the training and experience to ensure that any faults or issues are quickly detected and corrected. The team also ensure that only genuine replacement parts are used to encourage a long lifespan and reduced risk of breakdown. Additionally, regular servicing can ensure that your Subaru is optimised for both performance and safety. While you may be tempted to save a few dollars with a generic service, you may be pleasantly surprised at the number of benefits an official service can offer.

However, an official service could have a new added bonus in the coming months as the brand are looking for customer assistance. It is rumoured that the company are looking for valuable consumer feedback and now a visit to your Subaru service centre will offer the opportunity to help Subaru to choose the new name for its latest seven seater SUV.

Subaru is currently developing a seven seater all new SUV and the brand is keen to know the opinions of the brand’s fans. If the company chooses to build this model, it is looking for feedback from customers via a survey for their preferences. The survey features six names which are under consideration for the new model.  This model is anticipated to be a Tribeca replacement, since this model was discontinued in January 2014. This should be a welcome edition to the Subaru line up, since the SUV segment is seeing unprecedented popularity.  A seven seater SUV would allow the brand to compete with established favourite such as the Nissan Pathfinder and Mazda CX 9.

According to the US site Jalopnik, the survey asks preferred names for the “possibility” of a seven seater passenger vehicle. The possible names are Ascent, Centauri, Columbia, Cypress, Meridian and Sojourn. However, there is no official confirmation for this new model and the Australian local arm has suggested that this potential vehicle may not be a part of the range.

This means that when you next take your vehicle in for a Subaru car service, you may have the opportunity to take part in making this historic decision. This could potentially be an added bonus to this fantastic service.

So, when you are next considering a service for your Subaru, you may find the potential for an added bonus when you visit your Subaru dealer. Just think, if you do participate in the survey and your name is chosen, you will gain bragging rights with your family and friends every time you see the new seven seater Subaru SUV on the road for years to come.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of a genuine Subaru car service, contact us. We have a full service department at our showroom and our team of technicians would be delighted to answer any queries or questions you may have. We aim to deliver first class service and have your Subaru back on the road quickly with optimum performance and ensured safety.

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