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What Can You Expect During a Subaru Service?

What Can You Expect During a Subaru Service?

Every smart driver knows that it is a good idea to get their cars serviced on an annual basis. A good service can ensure that your car is running both efficiently and safely. It also make good economic sense as any minor faults can be detected and corrected before they get worse and more expensive to repair. However, as to what happens during a Subaru service, Perth drivers may be left wondering? Here are a few insights into the process that you can consider while you’re waiting to collect your car from the service center.

Different Types of Servicing

The first thing to understand is that there are different levels of servicing available. When you complete your booking form you will be asked to provide the model, mileage, desired date and drop off time. A vehicle that hasn’t been serviced for 200,000 km will require more work than one that has only covered 12,500 km since its last service. If you have purchased a new or demo car from Subaru you should have the dates that you need a service in your owner manual.

Carrying Out a Diagnostic Test

Although it is possible for a layman to carry out some routine maintenance there are some major advantages to getting a Subaru service. Foremost is that the service center have a Subaru Diagnostic System to check your car’s onboard computer system. This diagnostic tool is very helpful when searching for potential problems and giving the technician an accurate picture of what needs to be done.

Carrying Out the Work

If any major problems have come to the attention of the technician then you will be informed at this stage. If any major work is required it may be covered if you have a warranty on the vehicle. In any event you will have to give your authorization to carry out any major repairs to minimize any inconvenience to you. If you have carried out regular servicing it is far more likely that the standard servicing will be carried out. This will include checks of the steering, seatbelts, lights, horn, wipers and wiper alignment. Under the bonnet the technician will check drive belts, radiator hoses, battery terminals and coolant systems. The vehicle will be raised and underneath the car the wheel bearings, brake drums, hydraulic system, hoses and the exhaust system will all be checked thoroughly. At the conclusion of the service you will receive a full report detailing what work has been carried out.

If they would like to book a Subaru service Perth drivers should contact us. Our technicians are trained to an excellent standard at the Subaru factory and we only use high quality genuine Subaru parts. Every Subaru is now protected by capped price servicing which ensures that you will never pay for any hidden extras and remain in control of your Subaru service budget. If you would like more information we will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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