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4 Top Tips to Find a Great Used Car Dealers

4 Top Tips to Find a Great Used Car Dealers

If you are considering used cars for sale, in Perth you will find that you have plenty of options. However, if you would like the reassurance of buying a quality used car, you will need a great used car dealers. Mandurah residents may feel a little overwhelmed by this challenge, but here are four top tips to help you.

Ask Family and Friends:

Another great resource for finding a great used car dealers is your family and friends. Ask your circle of contacts where they have bought their cars and if they would recommend a dealer. This provides you with reviews of dealers that you can trust. You will also no doubt be aware of any car troubles your friends and family have had with their latest vehicle, which can provide a red flag for the quality of the vehicles offered at the dealership.

Check Online Reviews:

Rather than spend hours and hours walking around used car dealers Mandurah residents should find that they can save time and stress by checking online reviews. Not all dealers offering used cars for sale in Perth offer the same level of service and checking reviews can allow you to immediately rule out any dealers which have a bad reputation. While some people will always find something to complain about, some dealers will have rafts and rafts of complaints about poor service. If you do come across one or two issues in a review, it can provide you with some points to discuss with the sales team.

Check the Dealer’s Speciality:

Some used car dealerships have a particular type of vehicle, they specialise in selling. This could be SUVs, sedans, small cars or particular brands. This means that if you are looking for a particular type of vehicle, you will have a great selection. Even if you have a particular model already in mind, having a large inventory to choose from will help you to find the best vehicle for your needs. You may even find a model which is actually better suited to your requirements.

Check the Pricing:

The price will always be a major consideration when making any purchase, so you need to choose a dealer who offers reasonable pricing. Some dealers may price their vehicles a little high to allow for negotiation, while others have cheap pricing to shift their vehicles quickly. In an ideal world, the pricing at the dealers should be similar to the Red Book values of the vehicles. While you are probably looking for a great bargain, you should be wary of dealerships whose vehicles are priced way too cheaply. This could mean that the vehicles are not good quality and the sales team are keen to move the vehicles very quickly. Another aspect of the pricing should be whether a warranty is offered with each vehicle. A comprehensive warranty is well worth paying a little extra, since it can provide some great assurance about the quality of the vehicle.
If you are looking for great used car dealers Mandurah drivers should contact us. We have one of the best selection of used cars for sale in Perth. Our sales team would be delighted to help you to find the right vehicle at the right price.

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