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Should You Look for All Wheel Drive in Used Cars

Should You Look for All Wheel Drive in Used Cars

Should You Look for All Wheel Drive in Used Cars

When assessing used car sales, Perth drivers often focus their attention on the make, model and even colour available. However, one feature which is often overlooked is all wheel drive. Many drivers assume that all wheel drive is the same as four wheel drive and only expect to see this feature on large SUVs. However, this is not the case, and you may be surprised that even small hatchback models are available with this fantastic feature.

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The Difference Between Four Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive:

Four wheel drive came to the attention of most drivers as large SUV models began to gain popularity. The feature allows for drivers to select a driving mode which will direct the engine power to all four wheels. All wheel drive may seem like the same thing, but there are some significant differences. All wheel drive is a feature that is always engaged, allowing all the power to be directed to all the wheels at all times. This can be beneficial in challenging road conditions and when taking tight corners.

All Wheel Drive Benefits Highlighted at Australian Rally Championship:

If you require further convincing about the benefits of all wheel drive, you need to look no further than the Australian Rally Championship. In the shortened stages, torrential rain and multiple competitor issues, the Subaru Motorsport team highlighted how beneficial all wheel drive could be. During the International Rally of Queensland Heat Two, despite the many obstacles, the team placed fourth.

Molly Taylor, Subaru team driver, was lifted to provision second place in the Kumho Tyre round of the Australian Rally Drivers Championship, awaiting confirmation of official standings.

The team has worked their way from fifth place in the Group N All Wheel Drive Production Class WRX STI on SS9. The Subaru team of Molly Taylor and Bill Hayes needed to navigate the treacherous conditions up the ranks. During the final service on Saturday, the team needed to repair a control arm on the lower lateral suspension which had been damaged on the penultimate stage.

Molly said that the first two stages of the event were slippery, but the team was thankful that it wasn’t raining. Unfortunately, after this, it started to rain heavily, which made the conditions like black ice. Molly stated in an interview that at one point it felt as if they “needed studded tyres” as there was simply no more room to absorb more water in the ground. Yet the all wheel drive WRX prevailed.

Even if you are not planning on rallying or doing some serious off road driving, the benefits of all wheel drive should not be overlooked when considering used car sales. Perth drivers should be aware that with the exception of the Subaru BRZ, all Subaru models are equipped with all wheel drive, making them an even more attractive proposition.

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