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Australia Subaru Levorg Confirmed

Australia Subaru Levorg Confirmed

If you are looking for a turbo charged Subaru WRX for sale, Perth drivers may be interested to know that the Subaru Levorg has been confirmed for the Australian market. This WRX based wagon is set to hit showrooms later this year.

With the 2015 Subaru WRX price attracting a great number of drivers, many WRX enthusiasts have been keen to know if the brand would offer a wagon variant. This turbocharged Levorg is set to arrive before the end of the year. While the official confirmation has yet to be released, Subaru sources have said that the new model is due at the end of the year. However, the official line for the brand is that this model will not be available for sale in 2015. A Subaru Australia spokeswoman says “categorically” that the Levorg will not be on sale in 2015.  The spokeswoman would also not deny or confirm that the Levorg will be offered for sale locally beyond this date. The official position for the brand is that it is still under consideration.

It is likely that the Levorg will be placed above the equivalent four door variants and is likely to feature the EyeSight technology as a safety equipment standard. This model has been available only in Japan, but it is anticipated that exports to the UK will begin in September. According to Subaru UK, the Levorg is a logical successor to the Liberty wagon. This is anticipated to become “a firm favourite” for Subaru owners around the world. The Levorg is thought to offer a similar performance to the current Subaru WRX for sale. Perth drivers could expect performance of up to 221 kW of power from the top end models. This could provide a zero to 100 kilometre speed in just 6.2 seconds. Official notification of the full specification has not yet been released but the UK range features a 1.6 litre four cylinder turbocharged engine paired with an automatic continuously variable transmission as standard.

With the Liberty wagon not featuring in the 2015 range, many Subaru customers have been looking for a model to fill this void. The 2015 Subaru WRX price is extremely appealing but the range lacks a wagon variant. This means that the new Levorg could be a very welcome edition to the Subaru line up. This model should offer a fantastic compromise of performance, practicality and style. With the official confirmation yet to be released and insider sources saying this year, many Subaru enthusiasts will be waiting on the edge of their seats. However, most experts agree that even if we do need to wait until 2016, the new Levorg will be well worth the wait.

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