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Hyper Blue Subaru WRX 2016 Limited Edition Due October

Hyper Blue Subaru WRX 2016 Limited Edition Due October

If you are considering a Subaru WRX for sale, Perth car enthusiasts may be interested to know that a Hyper Blue Subaru WRX 2016 limited edition is due to arrive in dealerships in October. The new 2016 WRX is available in a new eye-catching colour called Hyper Blue, which is sure to be a hit with Subaru enthusiasts.

The Limited Edition:

For this latest Subaru WRX for sale, Perth drivers will find the numbers strictly limited. There will be a total of 300 limited edition sport models, but this will include WRX Sti and BRZ models. The number includes 200 new 2016 WRX Premium models featuring Lineartronic automatic CVT transmissions, 50 WRX Sti Premium variants with a manual transmission and 50 BRZ models in either automatic or manual. As yet, we have not seen any pictures of the local market, but review sites have shown photographs of the limited edition model released on the US market. It is assumed that aesthetically, the Australian model will be similar.


As yet, there has been no official pricing schedule released for the Hyper Blue range. Subaru has recently announced their pricing list for the Subaru WRX 2016 range and the WRX Sti. It is anticipated that the limited edition may have new wheels in addition to the bright blue bodywork, so this may attract a slight premium. However, since the 2016 pricing has not changed significantly compared to the current prices, it assumed that any premium would be modest.

Limited Edition Impact on the Market:

Historically, the Subaru limited edition models have given the brand a sales boost. Nick Senior, Subaru Australia managing director, has been quoted recently saying that the Hyper Blue “very distinctive hue” is set to offer a “very rare opportunity” for Subaru buyers. Senior went on to say that Subaru feel that the special edition colours released in the past have set a market trend and the company anticipate that the Hyper Blue vehicles are set to be “keenly sought after” both at launch and in years to come. He explained that the company have noticed a “massive interest” in the sport special editions, which combined with the “proven track record of excellent retained value” offers buyers “every reason to get the blues”.

In regards to sales of the current WRX for sale, Perth drivers may be interested to note that the model and the Sti variant are up 7.7 percent compared to the year to date figures of last year. This increase in demand puts the current WRX “on a par” for sales with the Mark one original “late 1990s heyday”. This exciting launch is anticipated to create a real buzz for the 2016 WRX and help Subaru to end the year on a sales high.

If you are considering a Subaru WRX for sale Perth drivers should contact us. We have a great selection of WRX models. Our sales team are happy to answer any queries including details of the Subaru WRX 2016 range or arrange for your test drive. If you are interested in the Hyper Blue collection, you should act fast, as demand is anticipated to be high.

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