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Subaru WRX STI NR4 Racing Car is Available Now

Subaru WRX STI NR4 Racing Car is Available Now

Back in July of this year Subaru announced that they would be releasing a new racing car for the Australian market. They have delivered as promised; the Subaru WRX STI NR4 is now available for sale and 8 models have already been sold. So what is the NR4 all about and why is it causing such a stir in the racing scene?

What is the Significance of the NR4 Name?

The NR4 designation relates directly to the new NR4 racing regulations introduced by the FIA. Race fans may already be aware that the N4 and R4 classes have now been replaced by the NR4 class. In order to meet the needs of this new class and compete, the new Subaru WRX STI NR4 has been produced. These cars are FIA homologated which means that they can be entered in WRC2, ERC2 regional and progressive national championships.

How is the NR4 Produced?

The NR4 begins life as a stock WRX STI that rolls off the production line in Japan. This base model is then imported into Australia and sent to Possum Bourne Motorsport (PBMS). There the car is transformed into a competition only racing car. There are three race tiers and six different options packs to choose from. The selection will vary dependent upon what type of racing is expected to be carried out. There are options to tune the: engine, suspension, driveline and brakes. There are also some more specialised options for competition related to gravel and tarmac racing.

What Engine Does the NR4 Have?

One of the major changes between the Subaru WRX STI and the NR4 is the engine that was chosen. It would seem logical that the NR4 would be equipped with the powerful 2.5 litre model fitted on the Australian WRX STI which generates 221kW of power and 407Nm of torque. However, this is not the case; the NR4 has a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder boxer engine that generates 227kW of power and 422Nm of power. Essentially the smaller engine has been chosen for its lower weight and then tuned by the PBMS boffins to make it more powerful than the WRX STI.

What are the Other Differences?

The NR4 is available in two different racing colours: white and WR Blue. The setups for two different racing cars can vary a great deal dependent on the type of racing that it is going to be used for. Subaru Australia has a Tier 1 NR4 that they are using as an example of a car set up for club level racing. This car is equipped with an FIA roll cage, OMP seats, OMP harnesses, an OMP steering wheel. PMBS seat runners, PMBS fibreglass racing furniture, removed airbags and relocated switches.

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