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Best To Expect From All New 2016 Subaru XV

Best To Expect From All New 2016 Subaru XV

Best To Expect From All New 2016 Subaru XV

For Subaru lovers and driving enthusiasts, the long wait is over. The much spoken Subaru crossover has raised expectations to the top prior to its release. With the recent launch of the vehicle, it is proved that the car has delivered more than what they are asking for. At the first look, the new Subaru xv 2016 catches your eye with the trendy looks. But, the looks are not everything it has got. The car comes with fully loaded features that take it ahead of all other vehicles in the crossover segment. The new Subaru xv 2016 is designed as an ultimate crossover with every feature that is necessary to make the drive comfortable. Subaru’s precision perfection in maintaining the balance between the design, technology and safety alike has reached one step ahead with this new model.

Here are the new features you can expect from Subaru xv 2016.

Design and Space:

With the 2016 Subaru XV, your adventurous spirits will raise high. The crossover is a perfect camping vehicle that is idle to use in the urban life. Its spacious interiors extend the flexibility with folding seats to make more space for people and cargo. The roof rails are best to carry the additional luggage of all types. If you want to take your bikes while camping, just add a few accessories on roof rails, to make your hangouts more comfortable. The increased ground clearance of 8.7 inches makes the model the perfect fit to ride dirty, gravel and every kind of road it hits. Subaru tried to bring the car more close to your character with a range of colour hues it offered, so that you can make your bold statement.


With its superior performance, xv Subaru 2016 made it clear the elegant look did not overtake the Technological advancement. Fixed with a third generation Subaru boxer engine and lineartronic CVT the car unleashes its performance like no other model. The new eyesight driver assist technology is applied to warn you with alarm when there is a danger of collision. The technology can even apply the break if the driver fails to.

The gadgets inside the car bring the hi-technology to the dashboard. It serves two USB ports that can access the data and charge phones at the same time. The model comes with latest star link technology, with a touch screen and voice responsive state of the art technology. You can operate the system on the go, from your mobile apps.


The safety enhancements can tell us the value Subaru gives to its customers. Subaru xv 2016 is a five star rated vehicle when it comes to safety (35.3 out of 37, ANCAP ratings). The ring-shaped body frame is designed to divert the shock away from the passenger compartment at the time of the collision. The symmetric all wheel drive and seven airbags system powers the safety in xv 2016.

Fuel Efficient & Eco-Friendly:

The new auto start-stop technology saves the fuel to a great extent. It stops and starts the engine without driver intervention. All xv 2016 vehicles are built responsibly, they partial zero emission (PZEV) technology, the model emits much lesser than many hybrid model cars. With more variety of technology, safety, design features packed in one car, the new Subaru xv 2016 is a comfortable vehicle that makes you love your everyday journey.

You can find more about the new Subaru XV 2016 and other Subaru models from our local Subaru car dealers. We have a great selection of cars for sale, and we can arrange a test drive for you at your earliest convenience. If you need any further details, we will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.