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New Subaru XV 2017 To Deliver Amazing and Complete Preview

New Subaru XV 2017 To Deliver Amazing and Complete Preview

New Subaru XV 2017 To Deliver Amazing and Complete Preview

Subaru has released a statement that they will be showing a preview of the next generation Subaru XV at the Geneva Motor Show. Most of the details are still under wraps at this point, apart from a tantalising teaser image that shows a corner of the car. There is no indication of how different this car will be from the Subaru XV for sale today, but we can make some educated guesses. Here is a roundup of what we know already and what that might tell us about the 2017 Subaru XV.

The New Subaru XV Teaser Image

This shadowy teaser image only shows a corner of the new Subaru XV, but there are some clues there. Firstly, the corner looks a great deal like the Impreza sedan and hatch concepts that were displayed a few months ago at the Tokyo Motor Show. Subaru has already stated that many of their new models will be sharing the same drivetrain to simplify their engineering and lower costs. The new XV concept would be a prime candidate to share the Impreza drivetrain. In fact, the current XV is essentially an Impreza hatch with a slightly different look and feature set. This would mean that the new XV would be 2,670mm long, which is 35mm longer than the current model. Depending upon the whim of the designers, this could either mean more rear passenger space or a larger cargo area. Logically, designers usually look at driver and passenger comfort first, so the new XV will probably have more legroom than the current model.

The Future Concept Confusion

When Subaru released the Viziv Future Concept last year, many industry insiders believed that it was the new XV. The teaser image combined with the Impreza wheelbase information seems to indicate that this is not the case. Some industry experts, now believe that this concept is actually a sneaky look at the next generation Subaru Forester. This would make perfect sense as the Forester is due for an update, it would also require a longer wheelbase than the XV, which is a compact SUV.

Final Conclusions

With information so hard to come by at the moment, only time will tell what the next generation Subaru XV will be like. There could be a design change to bring the XV into line with the new Impreza hatch and sedan, to create a more uniform range. Alternatively, the design could be more traditional and squarely aimed at competing with its rivals. It will be exciting to see the car when it is revealed in Geneva to see the direction that Subaru engineers are taking.

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