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New Subaru XV Could Draw Younger Buyers into Motorsport and Dealerships

New Subaru XV Could Draw Younger Buyers into Motorsport and Dealerships

New Subaru XV Could Draw Younger Buyers into Motorsport and Dealerships

It is rumoured that Subaru may be considering creating a one make rally series. However, while some experts thought this could be a possibility for the BRZ, the brand appears to be considering the XV. The small Impreza based SUV is believed to be a more enticing draw for younger drivers to the Japanese brand.

New Subaru XV One Rally Series:

During the new Levorg media presentation, MD for Subaru Australia, Nick Senior revealed that the brand is set to implement a new strategy to attract new and younger buyers to Subaru. He openly expressed the view that a motorsport association would be beneficial in bringing more buyers over to the brand. He said that the company wants to attract younger drivers and motorsport is something they are into. This strategy was attempted a few years ago when the brand created a one make challenge based on the Subaru RS. This did attract younger drivers at a “reasonably lower cost”. Mr Senior continued that some of those went on to go great rallying “stuff” both here and overseas. This was one consideration in the decision to participate in the ARC Group N showroom stock standard car with the NR4, as it makes it more affordable. He argued that the days of an over the top budget of millions for motorsport are over, and Subaru needs to make it both more enticing and appealing. He determined that the company needs to provide an entry level point to come into motorsport. Therefore, they are actively demonstrating that they would be interested in doing a one make series again if the opportunity was presented in the future.

The Realities:

Mr Senior did state that the basic premise of the idea has been discussed, but it is still in the infant stages. It is, at the moment, something that has just been internally considered. However, since the brand has been back in rallying, it has become apparent that there are lots of familiar faces at events, but the brand needs to attract younger enthusiasts who may not have been exposed to motorsport. This would require a cost effective and reliable vehicle. He stated that the old RS could provide a blueprint for this process. If the brand were able to replicate the formula for a vehicle under $40,000, which is cheap to run it could prove very attractive. This thinking will need further progression, and any interest or feedback would be beneficial.

The new Subaru XV is thought to be a logical vehicle for this strategy. An SUV series was proposed to run parallel with the popular Australian Rally Championship a few years ago. At the time, there was very little interest, but the market has changed a great deal since then. With the phenomenal growth of the SUV segment, an SUV series is likely to be more appealing now.

Experts are predicting that SUV sales will surpass passenger car sales in 2017, but there is currently no outlet for SUVs in any type of motorsport. A series would provide exposure for the category and could be a viable avenue for exploration.

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